Whether you came across my link from my blogs, social media, or some other site, I bid you warm welcome.

This is my main homepage, so it’s a portal of sorts to the things I’m most interested in. If you’re short on time, I warn you, there’s lots of them. I’m the curious kind. There’s very little I don’t want to know about, and I’ve devoted decades now to chasing down information about the things I do – especially when it involves being able to improve

a) myself
b) my performance at work
c) outcomes for people/businesses I know or
d) life itself.

If you absolutely have to have a label for me, the closest one is probably “Life Hacker”.  What that means, of course, is that I have a very different perspective from most, who’ve been taught from the word get-go to specialise and go deep within one field. I like to get an overview, explore a few key points that interest me in as much depth as I can get hold of, and try to fit it into the rest of the body of knowledge I’ve acquired. Sometimes I surprise people with how well I can grasp a new interest with very limited exposure to it, but that’s the beauty of being able to work on a meta level. and having a broad base of knowledge with which I can compare things.

As an example, some of my interests include analytics, intelligence, business, psychology, pushing the limits of what I can make software do (especially Excel), training, philosophy, sales, marketing, music (learning flute), the internet, technology & everything geeky (especially gadgets), sci-fi/fantasy, metaphysical phenomena, public speaking, organisation, quantum mechanics, personal development, data science, animal training, coding (mostly script languages so far), health and medical research, social change, evolution, NLP, hypnotherapy, microbiomics, brainwave entrainment, and self-experimentation (eg raw vegan diet, juice feasting) a la Steve Pavlina & Seth Roberts.

You’ll probably find things you disagree with as you surf through my material, but that’s ok. One of my favourite quotes (I love quotes) is “if you and I agree on absolutely everything, only one of us is necessary!” Differences are what makes life interesting, and I absolutely adore a good debate.

In any case, this site is just in the process of relaunching so I ask for your patience as I update the links and get it going, and I look forward to meeting you either in my blog comments or on social media. Til then, take care!


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